Write to Freedom and RISE. Participants talking abut their experiences.

Write to Freedom's work with young people.

Caspar discusses how hunting can teach prisoners to address their crimes and the effect they have on the lives of others. 

An example of the work with prisoners that Write to Freedom used to do…

A BBC Inside Out feature from 2009 on our work at HMP Ashfield; following the story of Ginge, a young offender hoping to turn his life around.


We evaluate all of our programmes, and are building a fantastic evidence base for the impact of our work.

Programmes for People in Recovery from Addiction

Finding the Mentor Within  – in partnership with the Torbay Recovery Information Project

RISE New Horizons – in partnership with EDP Drug and Alcohol Services

Programmes for Prisoners and their families

New Leaves – in partnership with HMP Parc and Barnardo’s