A mentor is a guide. The student traditionally looks for the mentor when they are ready. The mentor supports and challenges the student on their journey.

An effective mentor has been through challenging life experiences; come out the other side and gained understanding and wisdom.  Ultimately, they inspire the student or ‘mentee’, by example with the clear communication of ideas, creativity and practical skills.

Mentoring is central to the work we offer. Consistent support for many in the world is severely lacking. W2F offers mentoring from our first meeting with students. This continues on our wilderness days, residential courses and ultimately on the journey back into day to day living.

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We invite W2F students to explore where mentoring can fit in their lives using the story of Jacob Hill (a character in Tribe Warrior). Jacob fulfils the ancient story role of a mentor. He understands the emotional life of Maklan and offers him the practical skills he needs to overcome the obstacles ahead.

All Write to Freedom staff themselves have mentors as part of their role in our organisation. This supports their own journey. We have a comprehensive mentor training programme that all our mentors must complete before they are assigned a mentee. If you are interested in becoming a Write to Freedom mentor, please get in touch using the form below.

Our next residential will take place 26th - 28th April 2019 on Dartmoor.

Being a mentor was a very positive experience for both myself and my mentee. I learnt things from my mentee, we had interesting conversations and it was really healthy for me to connect with another person in recovery. My mentee really appreciated having support from somebody who had been through similar experiences and we connected with warmth and mutual respect.
— Anna, Mentor