New Leaves project with HMP Parc secures funding

We had some very exciting news this week, the Benevolent Company of Weavers announced £15k of funding towards our New Leaves project. We will be bringing Write to Freedom’s unique fusion of nature-based activities, creative writing and personal development to imprisoned fathers at HMP Parc and their families.

This innovative project will focus on strengthening family relationships and providing opportunities for meaningful, positive and memorable whole family activities.  HMP Parc prison is nationally renowned for its Family Interventions Unit; which recognises the importance of strengthening family relationships in reducing reoffending, improving outcomes for children of prisoners and breaking intergenerational cycles of offending.

The New Leaves project will be delivered in partnership with HMP Parc and Barnardo’s, who have worked closely with Parc on their flagship Invisible Walls Wales programme.  Barnardo’s many years of expertise will inform our delivery around engaging with families and creating a lasting and meaningful impact for the children of prisoners involved in this project.  You can read about Barnardo’s Children of Prisoners campaign here.