Behind the Scenes- How we decide who is offered a place on our residentials.

Write to Freedom are always refining the process of how we select who comes onto each residential. We want to work with those who are in Recovery in the widest sense. Recovery from drugs and alcohol, mental or physical ill health, work addiction, technology addiction, relationship addiction and so on. It’s a wide arena! The most important aspect of our selection process is around whether or not we feel you are ready for the journey you will take with us. We know the process intimately. We care deeply for your well-being and your recovery, wherever you’re at with it. We will ask ourselves if you are resilient enough to go on this journey with us. Are you ready?

The work you step into with us can be challenging, emotionally, mentally and physically. This means that we wouldn’t want you to be overwhelmed by the residential and for your recovery to be negatively affected. We feel there is a right time for everyone. We use our questions, phone calls and our instinct to tell us whether this is the right time for you. This is based on a combined Recovery total of over 100 years between staff and volunteers - past and present. That’s a lot of Recovery miles. We feel we’re in a good place to make a loving decision about what we offer and who to.

It will never be a ‘NO’ to your application. Only a ‘YES’ or a ‘NOT YET’

This not about judging you and your life but about our duty of care to you, and to us. 

If you identify yourself as an addict or alcoholic in abstinence based recovery we will look at how much clean time you have and where you currently are in your recovery. You may have had some time clean, relapsed, and are only recently clean again. We will take any clean time or sobriety you have had into account.

If you don’t identify yourself as an alcoholic or addict and have chosen controlled drinking or using, we will still consider a place for you. Your work with us will hopefully support you to get to the next step in your life.

While we fully support the benefits of abstinence based recovery and the 12 Step programme, we accept that not everyone will choose this path of recovery. Some of our facilitators and volunteers are in abstinence based/12 Step recovery.  We believe that the ultimate way forward with destructive dependency issues of any kind, is complete abstinence.

We view dependency as anything you feel unable to stop and is creating suffering in your life and/or the lives of others. You could be on your way to abstinence based recovery and we may be able to help with that.

We are personally and painfully familiar with the nature of denial in addiction. If we feel you are trying to hold it together, denying the impact of your addiction or simply white knuckling it, we may gently and respectfully challenge you and your approach to your recovery. Ultimately, we will support you to get to the next stage in your recovery journey. That’s at the heart of what we’re about.

We are aware of, and are actively working with Trauma. One or more of our staff will have experience of working with Trauma and will be available to support anyone who feels they need it during the residential (and after). It’s important for us to know in advance any issues you may have with anxiety, depression, mental and/or physical health issues including any trauma you may be aware of. These are serious issues in our society. We believe open communication about our inner struggles is a gateway into our healing process. We are not offering therapy, but the outcome of our residentials is often therapeutic.

We offer regular introductory days. These are to meet us, spend time out in nature and get a sense of whether you are ready to attend a residential. There is no requirement to be at any particular place in your recovery to attend. You will be welcome to come to more than one if we feel that this is the best way forward for your journey with us. They will always be different. They’re a great support for all who attend. Visit our upcoming events page here to find out the next introductory day.

Once you have completed the residential you will be able to attend our monthly mentoring days on Dartmoor. And beyond that, your involvement in Write to Freedom is up to you. You can staff the days or residentials as a volunteer and even train to become a facilitator.

It is truly an amazing journey.

Caspar Walsh and Ben Ford