My Residential

I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. I have been sober for two years and four months. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I lost my husband exactly two years ago, when he took his own life. I found the fellowship, then I was introduced to Write to Freedom by a very special lady, Ali.  Write to Freedom isn’t about the 12-step program but the spiritual awareness or awakening in nature, to love and appreciate the beautiful things around. Things I had hated before. I too was in a very dark place. I was intrigued about what would happen on the residential, I asked questions, but it was all very mysterious, which obviously intrigued me more… It was far beyond my wildest dreams. To have gone on a spiritual journey, an awakening inside my heart.

It was a time to let go and breathe again. To find peace and gratitude in a magical experience up on the moors. At dusk, there I was looking up at the sky and saying the words I needed to find release and there was the moon above me! Incredible, magical and beautiful (I instantly thought of my husband Lyle). The power of a spiritual moment shared with friends I had met two days earlier and friends I had known only for a year… they were spiritual beings guiding me to my release of pain and suffering. I thank you all for your warmth, encouragement, love and support. You let me trust in you and have faith in you and I am truly happy that it was a safe place to let go and cry… just a little… more is yet to come.

I am stronger now than ever before and it’s OK to be where I am because there’s no rules to this. I think it’s my time to do this.

I left with gratitude and fulfilment, knowing of a beautiful place that I can come back to for future experiences and for learning and growth. The amazing tribe of Write to Freedom have guided me on another step into my journey that has given me purpose and hope again.

I am grateful that you had the time and compassion to share your skills and knowledge to a stranger like me and to have left as a friend and tribal warrior.

I gave you my insecurities and uncertainty and left being a part of a tribe, a tribe of love and compassion. In the fellowship I had to surrender my will and my life to the care of God and have found peace and spiritual awareness. I surrendered my walls and nervousness and found another journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection through nature and it’s been the most awakening journey I could have ever taken.

- Emma
Recovery Tribes Residential, March 2018


My Poem

Sush just listen, the thoughts are less my body my mind both feel de-stressed

There's beauty all around the people the place the food and space

How on earth did I get here? It's taken me 3 year

But I've managed I've coped and my god how I've fought

I'm standing here today feet firmly on the ground with thee best team around

I'm starting to look at myself differently I'm starting to feel proud

I'm feeling happy and much calmer I'm beginning to let down my armour

I've got myself here I've earned this I deserve this to be around such beauty such bliss

At such a crucial time Write to Freedom came and now I'm letting go of all the guilt, I'm letting go of all the shame

I feel my heart warming more and more in this magical place here on Dartmoor.

- Natalie H. 
New Horizons, September 2017

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Like This

I want to walk into the next life with my hands free,

carrying nothing extra;

like this.

I want to walk through those realms

without the weight of ancestral grief on my back,

the knots of fear from being abandoned in my belly,

or the ache of sadness from feeling alone in my heart.

I want this soul to go on

unburdened, unmasked, disarmed, healed.

I want to be brave enough to write the next line of this poem.

I want to be able to look at the transparent souls of my grandchildren

and smile,

because I know I did my very best;

like this.

-Rebecca Card


Mentor, Guide & Ceremonialist of Nature based Wisdom

+44 7960 520128


Black Seam

Written in response to something a dear friend said to me last winter. What she saw in me, that kindness and love inspired me to write this. And in writing I realised it was a universal truth, so I brought to our mentoring sessions.


Black Seam

You have a seam of gold running through you

I see it

I think you don’t, not always

Once Never

But maybe now more, day by day, I think you see it

The black coal in the seam.

The fire mineral

Layers of it

Deep in the earth

Thick dense, heavy, ready to burn

And you love mining for that black, always have

Your ferocious reflective, reflexive axe, hacking into the belly of the earth

Over and over, never blunting the point of it

So deep it hits the mineral seam and a white diamond of sparks fly

And flames flicker as they always do

From the black, through the earth airless earth

To rise up

An underground fire

Catching roots and worms and bones alight with farenheight

Setting them ablaze for alchemy

I think you see it

Through the black

And I see something else

A seam of gold running through you, through that black

Through random rising fire

Something else

I think you don’t

Once never, now more

In this room, in each of your medusa eyes

Now more than ever

A seam of gold running through you

Mine it

Caspar Walsh