At Write to Freedom being a student is like nothing you’ve experienced before. As staff we are learning all the time; from the work we do and the students we work with.

I’ve also got issues with trust, massive issues with trust, and I’ll come away from this weekend having known that I’ve put a lot of trust in people and it’s been upheld, it’s been rewarded. And hopefully I’ll take that on. I’ll have a new outlook on trust, a new desire for trust and a bit more faith in people.
— Course Participant

We’re not interested in downloading information or telling you what we think is best for you. We work with you based on what you tell us you want and need and what we think could best suit those needs. We have many years of experience and many skills. Ask and you will be supported.

Our courses are designed to engage your imagination through nature, to inspire your creativity, and help you identify the support you need. We want you to discover your unique skills and the direction you want your life to head in.

Learning is a two way process, you bring what you have, we bring what we have. This work is about creating new relationships, strengthening old ones and discovering who you really are. It’s about change, growth and moving forward in a positive, creative way.

I think the major thing that has come through for me has been the serenity of the place, the chance to be quiet, and to have space, peace and quiet. And to let the negative stuff from my everyday life filter out, and just be open to good stuff.
— Course Participant