Freddy Weaver

trauma informed psychotherapist

Why I joined W2F

I have been working as an Addictions counsellor since 2005, in rehabilitation centres, charities and private practice across the south-east and west. I recognize a particular, heart-breaking strain of tragedy in the self-destructive patterns of addictive behaviours. Assisting addicts to change to self-nurturing and self-empowering ways of being continues to bring a huge sense of privilege and meaning to my work.

I am especially excited to be engaged with W2F because the contribution to the addiction recovery world is somewhat unique. Exploring these patterns and dynamics in the W2F context of deep nature connection, mytho-poetic narrative and creative expression is both inspired and inspiring.

Whilst living in Bristol I worked for the Southmead Project – a great initiative focusing on working with recovering addicts with trauma – at which narrative therapy was a central approach. In recent years I have become deeply interested in ‘ecopsychology’ or nature therapy, and have studied at Schumacher College with many leaders in this field. The power of taking clients out of their usual environments, immersing them in the wider frame of the natural world and exploring personal story has become clear to me and I look forward to assisting this to reach more people at Write To Freedom.