Amber Ponton

Write To freedom Trustee

I became aware of Write to Freedom in 2012. At the time, as part of my own journey of recovery from addiction, I had a regular commitment attending 12 Step recovery meetings inside HMP Channings Wood, a local prison here in south Devon.

Whilst I felt privileged to be part of these groups, to witness the collective wisdom in the rooms, to give and receive experience, strength and hope, I also found myself wondering at the hopelessness of these men’s predicaments and the revolving door of addiction and prison life.

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I felt sad that not only these men (the majority of whom had no recollection of their crimes due to being in a drug/alcohol induced blackout) but very few people (in our Western culture), have a rites of passage into adulthood, an ongoing initiation held by a safe and supportive group of men and women.

Magic happens on Write to Freedom residentials. The safety we create as a staff team enables participants to really feel held and to trust the journey we take them on. The stunning wild beauty of Dartmoor does the rest. I love witnessing the change in people’s faces and their body language as the days unfold. I love the unique programme of activities, reflection and rituals that we weave around our core text Tribe Warrior – using myth as a mirror for our own experiences.

I am currently a trustee for Write to Freedom and also volunteer as support staff on residentials up at High Heathercombe on Dartmoor.

My day job is at Transition Network helping support the global Transition movement.