Jenny Salmon

Jenny Salmon.jpg

Write to Freedom Trustee

I am passionate about the possibilities that come from making community where we find ourselves, rather than going out and seeking a community with which we identify and I believe strongly in the powerful support that can come from finding a sense of belonging, for whatever reason.  In recent years, inspired in part by my own experiences, my interest has been drawn towards more open approaches to recovery from addiction.  Non-judgemental peer support and a strong recovery community is something that I have found particularly helpful and has led me to a place where I am able to give something back. 

I am about to embark on a new phase after twelve years of working in education.  Prior to that, I was fortunate to have two other very varied careers, first in the police in central London and then working in marine conservation on and off the coasts of the South West.  All my work has had a strong dependence on community, co-operation and co-working (yes, even the police) and I have gained a wide range of skills and experiences that I hope Write to Freedom can put to good use.  I have worked in the charity and non-governmental sector since 1992 and have led on a number of projects, including the setting up of conservation areas and the establishment of a school.

My strengths are in communications, organisational skills, looking after people and getting things done.