Ben Ford

Ben Ford

Project Coordinator & Lead Facilitator

In January 2014 I came upon Write to Freedom wanting to mentor teenage boys, and provide them with healthy rites of passage. Over the years I have grown through various volunteer and paid positions within Write to Freedom, working with disadvantaged teenagers, Dads in prisons, and now adults in addiction recovery. 

Write to Freedom has provided the right conditions for me to flourish, both personally and professionally, and I make it my mission now to continue and grow those conditions, so that others may have similar opportunities. 

Within our organisation, my focus is on cultivating healthy, efficient systems that allow for more human connection.

Within our residentials, I am primarily interested in creating emotional safety within groups, so that authenticity, true potential and personal perspective can emerge. 

It is my mission to sustainably grow Write to Freedom into a community change maker, by implementing effective systems that allow for more connection, and less bureaucracy.