Denise Clarbull

Denise Clarbull


Staff Volunteer


Until March 2017 I was broken mentally and spiritually and it took me to a very dark place. Through the help of my brother (my guardian angel) I was taken to rehab and there I was given HOPE and accepted I had an addiction and that I could and would move forward.

Through word of mouth I was told about Write to Freedom. As my love of the moors is so great, I applied for the residential in March 2018 and was accepted. Admittedly, I was very anxious and out of my comfort zone on arrival, but those fears were soon to evaporate. That experience was beyond my dreams.

It has give me an opportunity to start writing again on my feelings and thoughts which I had blocked for many years through my addiction.

I was given the privilege to staff on a residential in March 2019 and I didn't think it could get any better - watching other people on their recovery journey. And now given another opportunity in September 2019.

I now go on every opportunity to the moors with Write to Freedom to be with my 'Tribe’ as it lifts me mentally and spiritually and I am at peace with myself once again.