James Wood

James Wood

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Guided by my 15 years of global experience in community development, I have witnessed people and communities longing to connect with each other in supportive ways, willing to co-create their shared visions, and hungry to grow and thrive together. I support communities and organisations to turn ideas into vibrant actions which I call “Awakening Action Planning”.

I have also seen the grief, challenges and disappointments, which often are based in dysfunctional group dynamics which require supportive cultural foundations cultivating trust, safety, and vulnerability. In order to support these new cultural practices within groups, I have created CultureGarden.org.

I also offer HealthyMasculine.com circles for all genders to explore our personal and collective masculine experiences – the shadow, adolescent, and mature sides. A rare opportunity to harness a positive masculine presence in our families, friendships, and communities, and allow in and practice a reciprocal and nourishing relationship with the feminine.

I joined W2F because I deeply believe in the work, and the lives that are turned around as a result of the participants’ engagement and personal commitments. It is inspiring, and I have skills to share to support this organisation to thrive.