Who We Work With

We work with those in recovery from addiction.
This includes addiction to:

Write to Freedom
  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Food

  • Work

  • Activity

  • Adrenaline

This list is far from exhaustive.

We believe that addiction is a major cause of societal breakdown, dysfunction and disconnection, from ourselves, each other and our communities. It isn't simply to do with chemical or alcohol addiction. It's affects can be felt through any behaviour we use to deaden or block out difficult or painful emotions. And as a result our lives can become chaotic and unmanageable. With support, connection and community, experience repeatedly shows us that any addiction can be arrested and, with support and empathy, the recovery process can begin. 

Write to Freedom offer one solution out of many available throughout the world. We are always open to new ideas and ways to bridge and build communities through activities, the power of personal story and discovering and building a belief in who we are and what we can offer the world. It’s all about connection and the healing that follows.

Click below to read more detailed information on what our definitions of addiction are, and how we make decisions about who gets a place on our residentials.


Wilderness Adventures

Wild spaces give us inner space. They set us free from the daily troubles we can get so caught up in. Staring out over an unending sea, standing on a tor as the wind pushes against you, running through a forest. We seek a vision in these places.

Held by the elders of the ‘village’, community based rites of passage have, for thousands of years, taken place in wild, unknown places. In these places, the forces of nature dictate the course of events. We realise our place in the world.

Our courses take place in wild, beautiful, inspiring places. Places you can connect with nature, with others and with your deeper self.


We know from hard won experience that life and life’s challenges cannot be faced alone. We need support from people we can trust, from those who have been through similar difficulties. People we can celebrate life with.


Our mentors have the personal and practical skills to support participants through difficult times. We offer one to one mentoring to help identify strengths and support people in getting through repeated, negative patterns and struggles.

Our mentors never give instructions on how to live life.  We believe in respecting every individual’s right to choose their own path.  Our approach is to reinvigorate people about life and open up other possibilities of living.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a central part of our courses. We write in very simple and powerful ways.  Many of our students have failed subjects at school and believe they cannot write. They might be very nervous about writing and speaking in front of other people, but discover a new and rewarding connection with writing through our courses. Words on the page give us power.  They make sense of the thoughts in our heads. We write down who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. Committing ourselves to paper and sharing this with the world makes the impossible possible, the seemingly unreal real and the unknown, known. The written word has power. It makes thoughts, feelings, dreams visible … real.

“I left with gratitude and fulfilment, knowing of a beautiful place that I can come back to for future experiences and for learning and growth. The amazing tribe of Write to Freedom have guided me on another step into my journey that has given me purpose and hope again. I surrendered my walls and nervousness and found another journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection through nature and it’s been the most awakening journey I could have ever taken.”
— Emma, Participant 2018