We want life to be an adventure worth living

Write to Freedom was founded on the principle that nature, creativity and community lie at the heart of a life of purpose and enjoyment. Our founder, Caspar Walsh, left prison at the age of 21 knowing that if he was to stop his slide into crime and addiction, he needed multilevel support.

He knew that nature had always been there as a support and that writing was a powerful way to express emotions and ideas. Having understandable issues of trust, seeking community support was difficult at first. It quickly proved invaluable. Working with like minded individuals, people who understood the difficulties of life, helped break the pattern of isolation and fear. Tentative hope quickly turned into real, lasting change. Life, day to day, became more peaceful, productive and happy.  We believe this is possible for anyone who is prepared to take a deep look at their lives, work hard and give something back.

Write to Freedom staff share a passion for using wilderness and creativity as routes into new ways of living and being in the world. Much of the national focus of breaking free from crime and drugs is on finding a job and a home. Both are vital to a happy life. But we believe that knowing who you are is equally important; what makes you tick, what assets you have and what support you might need. Our courses offer the space, time and support to explore life in all its challenges and all its glory.

Such a stunning location with beautiful loving people!! I was very apprehensive at first but everyone made me feel welcome and safe. I would like to send heartfelt thanks for helping me to feel more alive, inspired and truly connected in all senses. I look forward to continuing the journey now.
— Tess, Participant 2018