W2F Blog Posts

As part of keeping our website fresh and live, and sharing the magic of the work done within our W2F Recovery Tribe, we’re aiming to post a regular blog, at least once a month.
It’s great to have contributions from different people to hear a range of voices and experiences, from anyone involved in W2F.

Contributions can include:

  • A piece of your creative or inspirational writing - poetry or prose (in written, photographic or video form)
  • Something about your involvement with W2F and experiences of being part of the Tribe
  • Photos you’ve taken on events with short captions 
  • Reflections on the latest mentoring day / residential 

Some guidelines and requests:

  • Keep any writing to a maximum of 500 words (200 - 300 words are ideal)
  • Keep any videos up to a maximum of 2 mins (sending videos via We Transfer is best)
  • Focus on your direct and fresh experience in relation to W2F or a topic of your choosing, rather than focusing on past experiences
  • Please send a recent photo of yourself outdoors to include, ideally from a Mentoring Day etc
  • Get in touch with Jo to send your blog or with any questions

Thank you for contributing!

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