Floorboards, Stories and Trust

Tribe Warrior Into the Wild, wilderness and writing project is going strong up on Dartmoor with three young people fully committed to the work. All are saying they are getting lots from the story, the nature connection, the activities and our time together round the fire. J has been so immersed in reading Tribe Warrior between sessions that her mother actually hid the book from her because she was so unsettled by how unusually quiet J had been and thought she may be making trouble! J eventually found it under some floorboards!

J brought in this letter at the beginning of our session last week:

“Dear Caspar

Your story really touched me because I too know what it is like to be so addicted to drugs and feel there is no way to stop. I’ve been clean for 6 months until I relapsed, all the work I had put into changing my life went down the drain. I’m so glad I have joined Write to Freedom! It’s giving me the chance to clear my head and to really think over my problems and ways to sort them out. Your definitely someone I will look up to now, it’s just the fact that I was going down the wrong road and you have given me words of strength and wisdom I now feel like I can have the strength to say no to my bad habits and stop tostart a fresh new me. So thank you so much for what you have done.

 Your friend J” 

At the last closing circle we all said what we had got from the day. AJ had the final words:

I learnt to trust here I never learnt to trust before. I never trusted people before until I came here.”

Very humbled by these words and very happy he is getting something so important at this challenging time in his life.