Lynsey Tiplady


Write to Freedom Trustee

Most of my life up until now I have been a designer and business woman, eventually guiding my business skills towards creating a more ethical, natural and local business. The older I get the more I turn towards what feeds my soul and what is less taxing on our planet. After qualifying as a massage therapist and Cranio Sacral Practitioner in the past few years I began to direct my energy towards helping those around me; and addiction recovery is very close to my heart. I have had a deep personal journey through a close family member with addiction and I really see that coming back to nature and our tribe can be very healing for those in recovery. My spare time is spent at sea, either sailing, paddle boarding or with my toes in the sand, this is what feeds my soul and I hope to be able to in some small way help with the inspiring work that Write To Freedom offers. So far I have found I have learnt so much just by being around the amazing people Write To Freedom attracts.